There is no one-size-fits-all approach to branding, especially in this digital era wherein more and more online-only businesses are emerging. To develop a successful strategy these days, you have to consider the thoughts and emotions you want your company to elicit. Check out this explanation regarding the psychological aspects of branding.


If you and your team aim to energize people and spark their passions as part of your branding strategy, utilize red colors and strong voices. Red hues evoke feelings of excitement and signify action. Robust voices, as well as cheery, high-energy ones, arouse individuals, making them feel powerful, confident, and bold.


Many are drawn to products and services that allow them to feel safe and calm. If these are the kinds of goods your company offers, you can, when building your brand, use green colors to pacify consumers and relay a sense of balance, stability, and safety. When creating video or audio content, employ voice actors who have soft, tranquil voices. 


Maybe you and your team desire to cultivate a brand that inspires consumers and motivates them in some way. If so, be sure to generate logos and visuals that consist of orange or yellow tones. Orange signals optimism and freedom while yellow denotes positivity and warmth. The advertisements that your brand develops should contain inspirational words, such as resilience, courage, and strength.


You may have a brand that is geared towards informing people and providing them with factual information. If so, you should use colors that are associated with seriousness and sensibility, such as black and gray. Brands that seek to educate the public will often procure the services of voice actors that have very monotone voices or those who can speak in British English accents. These voices and accents are often associated with objectivity and prestige.


It could be that you want to cultivate a trustworthy and reliable brand. If this is the case, know that the color blue is indicative of loyalty and dependability. Make sure to get voice actors that have steady and reassuring voices; such voices will prompt listeners to feel comfortable putting their resources, legacy, or health in your company’s hands.

You will not be able to establish a strong brand if you and your teammates fail to pay attention to specific visual and auditory details. Those details, whether they be big or small, can shape how people perceive your brand.