Many associate the Super Bowl with football, food, and advertisements. Having a commercial aired during the Super Bowl can dramatically alter the life cycle of a particular brand. This is why it cost so much money to reserve a 30-second advertisement slot during the game; in the past few years the price for a 30-second commercial was over five million dollars. Many brands see this purchase as an investment and expect to get positive feedback and generate more revenue after showcasing their Super Bowl ad. Check out this explanation concerning the impact Super Bowl commercials can have on brands.

Spark Online Virality

Many Super Bowl advertisements have gone viral on the Internet or became trending topics. Since so many people end up watching them when they air, it is no surprise that they would flock to view them again, sometimes multiple times, online and discuss them on various social media platforms. Such virality can help brands because it boosts their credibility and reduces their need to spend more money on advertising for long periods of time. People will watch the viral advertisements shared on their timelines or trending pages, talk about them, and take advantage of the products or services offered on them.

Increase Brand Awareness

Many brands that were not very well-known witnessed a huge increase in brand awareness after purchasing a Super Bowl advertisement slot. This is due to the fact that millions of people watched their advertisements while viewing the game. Those millions of people then discussed the commercials and the products or services offered with other people, yielding a chain reaction of individuals who became more aware of specific brands. This increase in brand awareness benefits many business since it usually results in more sales and larger consumer bases.

Develop Historical Relevance

Some Super Bowl commercials that were aired decades ago are still remembered today. This is because they have developed historical significance due to the humor, cleverness, or shock value that appeared within them. Historically relevant advertising helps companies in a multitude of ways. It generates longevity and gets people to talk about those companies for years to come. It also increases the chances of certain brands becoming household names and leaders amongst their competitors.

The Super Bowl is a special event that offers brands the chance to persuade millions of people to take advantage of their offerings. Brands that craft meaningful and memorable advertisements will witness amazing results.