As a business owner, tools that help you run and operate your business as efficiently as possible are invaluable. Fortunately, many apps help you run your business quickly and efficiently in many different ways. From payroll to communication, there is a wealth of apps that help you run your business optimally.


All businesses need an effective checks and balances system. There are many apps available to you as a business owner that will help you do this. If you’re a business owner that has a very small budget, you may benefit from free apps like Wave. However, other paid apps can be quite beneficial as well. Quick Books has been quite popular for a long time. Other apps include:



Many business owners need point-of-sale apps to help them run their businesses more efficiently. Many of the apps are free and easy to use. Apps like Square, and Toast are free. Other paid apps help business owners make sales and track sales, in addition to other purposes. 



Most business owners would agree that having an effective payroll system is extremely important. Regardless of your budget, there are free apps as well as paid apps to help you manage your business’s payroll. Payroll4free is a free app that allows businesses owners to track emp[loyee hours, vacation, and other important factors for their payroll needs. These apps, like most, vary in pricing. Other paid apps include:

Quick Books

Project Management

As a busy business owner, it’s not uncommon to have many balls in the air when it comes to projects and other business-related tasks and issues. It’s easy to forget important dates, commitments, and obligations, in addition to other important business-related issues. Effective project management software/apps can be that ace in the hole that keeps you on track and allows you to stay abreast when it comes to everything you have going on in your day-to-day business tasks and duties. Apps like Asana, Jira, and Trello allow business owners to manage projects and other business-related tasks for free. Other helpful apps include Wrike and


Staying connected is extremely important to most business owners, even if their staff is relatively small. There’s no doubt that large companies benefit from apps that allow them to keep in contact with employees that may work from home, or at other locations. Apps like Zoom and GoToMeeting or invaluable because of this. Fortunately, several free apps allow business owners to stay connected to employees and communicate with them at a moments notice:

Microsoft Teams
Google Meet

 There are many different measures that businesses can employ to help with various operations of their business. This is why it’s a good idea to explore different apps to find which ones will work the best for the needs of you and your company. Contact Porter today!