It is important to monitor your business accounting activities to understand their progress. As a small business, hiring a professional to care for your needs is important. This can, however, be costly in the end. The availability of small business accounting apps can prove beneficial when you make the right choices. Here are the apps you can consider for your accounting needs as a small business.


With Xero, you have cloud-based accounting software that you can use on different devices. Like other low-priced accounting apps with several advanced features that suit small and established businesses. With this app, you can organize your quick books, record information, and get a referral point for your business. Ensure you understand your business accounting needs before installing and using the app.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a good companion app you should consider for your business, like other popular apps. You can consider this app for your accounting needs at low costs as a business owner. Its affordability makes it better for businesses with limited working capital. There are unique features in this app that work best for small businesses. Ensure you gather information and learn more about the app before deciding.


QuickBooks should be on your list of accounting apps to utilize in your small business. This is one of the top-rated apps with the best results that any small business owner should consider. Besides the clear interface, QuickBooks has practical functionality needed in any business. With this app, you can efficiently manage expenses, generate invoices and search for customer information.


If you want an accounting app that helps businesses generate invoices fast, you have one in Wave. You can also track your revenue and other accounting information easily with this app. Unlike other apps, Wave is free to download and use in your business. You can also create and customize the features to suit your business needs.

Book Keeper

Book Keeper is among the high-ranking accounting apps that any business can utilize. Besides helping with accounting needs, you can depend on the features present for your invoicing and inventory needs. It allows for immediate usability and is easy to operate.

Using accounting apps can prove beneficial to your business in many ways. It is important to learn about apps to meet your expectations. Call or visit Porter Capital Group to get directions.