Family owned businesses are the lifeblood of America. If you own your own local business, making a name for yourself can seem almost impossible when you’re competing with large corporations. This is especially true given that large corporations usually have more time and money to spend on advertising to locals. However, many people who are aware of the influence of large corporations prefer to shop locally. But without knowing that the local companies are there to compete with large corporations, potential customers can’t make the conscious choice to invest in mom and pop shops over corporate giants. If you’re in the beginning phases of developing your local marketing for your business, this article is for you. 

Use Social Media 

Social media marketing is becoming one of the most fundamental aspects of advertising for almost every business these days. The internet, and tangentially, social media, is how many people connect with and find out about local businesses. This should be the first step of your advertising campaign for your local business. Local marketing on social media should be done through connecting to people in the area and using the resources for business social media pages. This is a great place to start and also gives you a leg up in your local area. Connect to different advertising pages for local businesses in your area and you’ll get a better head start on connecting with the people in your local area. 

Invest in Local SEO 

Local SEO can be a big part of your local marketing plan. If you want to get the word out about your business, advertising for your local area online is a great way to do so. When people in your area use a search engine for specific things they are looking for in the area, by investing in SEO, you can have your company show up higher on the results. Because the internet plays such an integral part of our everyday lives, the more you invest in local marketing SEO companies, the more likely you are to be able to reach the people in your community who are more invested in your services. 

Use Paid Advertising 

While trends in advertising services for things like radio and magazines are less common for global marketing and ecommerce, local marketing can still benefit from advertisements in local newspapers and radio stations. Investing in this form of advertising can reach customers in your local area and propel your company into more commercial success.