Every generation has its characteristics that make it standout and set them apart from the generations before them. The Greatest Generation pulled up their bootstraps and were a mass of people committed to sacrifice. The Baby Boomers have a strong work ethic and are goal oriented. Generation X is independent and casual. They tend to be very flexible. Millennials value meaningful motivation and are tech savvy. Generation Z is the group of young people coming into adulthood right now, and they have their own set of characteristics that shape the way they see the world. Understanding their generation and how they tick is the key to doing business with them.

They Are Independent

Generation Z tends to want to work on their own. They have grown up in a world where tele-commuting is the norm and they want to call their own shots. They understand that business transactions are more likely to be conducted online. They tend to shy away from traditional nine to five jobs and opt for more freelance or “work-from-home” options. This characteristic also leads them to be more willing to step out in entrepreneurial ventures.

They Want Financial Stability

Generation Z has grown up in a world where financial security isn’t a given. A college degree no longer guarantees a successful job, and they have responded to this instability. They enjoy their hobbies and their free-time pursuits, but they understand that it’s important to focus on paying their bills first. A career that can give this stability is paramount on the priority list.

They Are Skeptical and Individualists

Generation Z tends to be less like Millennials and takes on more characteristics of their Generation X parents. They are skeptical of authority and want to blaze their own trail. They put a high value on standing up for what you believe in and having the courage to explore unique styles and ideas.

They Are Diverse

Generation Z is the first generation in America that is less than 50% white. Diversity is commonplace for them and widely accepted. They tend to ignore differences in color, language and sexual orientation and focus more on relationships and how someone contributes to the whole. They value those differences in the businesses they choose to patronize.

Generation Z is like no generation before them. Instead of being wary of their unique characteristics, take a page from their ability to celebrate differences and embrace their valuable contributions.