Strengthen Your Business With Purchase Order Financing

You don’t run your business in a vacuum. Relationships are one important key to its success, and that includes partnerships with suppliers. When seasonal demands shift or new orders increase, you need to be ready. And Porter Capital Group’s purchase order financing can help. With no long-term debt or equity impacts, purchase order loans can keep your suppliers paid and help your enterprise continue to grow.

The Basics of Purchase Order Loans

With purchase order loans, the funds don’t go to your business. Instead, these loans pay your suppliers directly. This allows your presold goods or finished merchandise to ship. We then collect payment after your customers have their goods. Once we’ve subtracted our fees, we send you the rest. Your purchase order loan offers some great benefits:

  • Timely customer deliveries
  • Potential market share expansion
  • More resources to fill larger orders

Producers, distributors, resellers and wholesalers can qualify for this financing. And whether your company deals in domestic production, imports or exports, it can help you better focus on operations during vital growth periods. Even if your business is a startup or lacks cashflow, we can provide funding that meets your needs.

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Porter Capital Group offers purchase order financing and many other commercial finance solutions. Contact us today to apply or explore your options.
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