When people hear about commercial real estate investment, what comes to mind are shopping malls and skyscrapers. But if you are a serious investment, it is wise to cover all bases and understand what lies underneath this umbrella term. It is only after understanding what commercial real estate entails that you can know which type of property to invest in, depending on your goals. Here are some of the most overlooked commercial investments you should know about.


This is a solid investment that is often overlooked. You will not find it among the high-rated groups, which makes people assume it is not profitable. In the United States, there are about 60,000 self-storage facilities, meaning this niche still needs to be explored.


Most people do not view apartments as commercial real estate properties because they are used for residential purposes. However, if you are a serious investor, do not overlook how profitable these types of properties can be. Under multifamily, there are two divisions, which are commercial and residential multifamily. Commercial multifamily is financed using a commercial loan, while residential multifamily is financed using a residential loan.

Cell Towers

Most cell tower companies are looking for properties, especially in rural areas where they can build cell towers to provide better cellular coverage to people. The key is to identify rural dead spots where network coverage is an issue. Find a property and buy it, then approach a cell tower company and lease the land to them.

Mobile Home parks

While not commonly known, mobile home parks make great real estate investments. A lot of lenders have realized that this is a substantial investment, hence partnering with investors ready to get into it.

Senior Living Facilities

Over the last couple of years, there has been a growing demand for senior living facilities. Still, there is a shortage of investors ready to take the plunge in this type of property. Given how senior living communities are on the rise, it is evident that one can benefit significantly from this type of investment.

Data Centers

Over the last few years, data centers have grown. With people relying on online meeting platforms like zoom to conduct meetings, data companies require locations where they can establish data centers.

When thinking of real estate investment, explore all avenues, not just what is popular. And if you are ready to invest in any of the above properties but lack funding, reach out to Porter Capital Group for financial assistance.