A growing number of businesses are using social media influencers to promote their products and services since many of them have very large followings. Check out this list of four mediums content creators use to advertise for brands.

1. Text

Many influencers use microblogging sites to promote the products and services of particular brands. Several of these microblogging platforms have text limits, so influencers keep their messages fairly short and may include links to their associated brands’ home, product, or service page. Text is a great medium for social media content creators to use because it gives them the chance to identify the name of a brand and the goods they offer and share that with their large audiences.

2. Audio

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular. Social media stars are using them to share their thoughts about particular subjects and grow their followings. A plethora of content creators are advertising for various brands on their podcasts. They will allocate a specific amount of time within their podcast segment–usually 60 seconds–to discuss a certain product or service. Note that many content creators charge a specific chunk of money per 1000 listeners. 

3. Images

Images are very impactful. Creators use them to showcase an aesthetic, lifestyle, or product to their followers. Companies can reach out to one or more social media content creators and ask them to take one or a set of pictures that feature the products they offer, whether that be food, clothing, accessories, or electronic devices. Some social media personalities get over 100,000 thousand impressions on average for their images, so they are able to influence a large number of people to take advantage of a certain brand.

4. Videos

Videos are a great way for online creators to talk about a brand’s offerings. Some creators will dedicate an entire video to promotion while others will take a few minutes to share a product or service they have used and would recommend that other people utilize it. There are online personalities that are very creative and use special effects and sounds to highlight certain brands or new campaigns. However, there are personalities that take a more straightforward route and will talk candidly to their audience when advertising or even show them how to use a specific product or service.

In this digital age, businesses need to take advantage of influencer marketing. Doing so can help them grow their consumer base and generate more revenue.